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Safe Social Media and Gaming Advice

Our children have grown up in a digital age where their forms of communication with friends and the wider world can be vastly different from their families, particularly through the use of social media.

Please click on the links below for guidance on how to support your child safely using social media platforms and how you can limit access where required.






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Support for Families

Families may require support from time to time or ongoing support for a variety of needs.

Below are links that families can access privately, without coming through school, to support a variety of needs. Alternatively, if you wish to speak with a member of our team in confidence about any support needed, please make an appointment via our school office.

This page will continue to develop over time.

The Liverpool Parents and Carers (LIVPAC) website contains a wealth of information for families, this can be accessed here.

Food support: 

Feeding Liverpool

Food bank

Free school meals

Free School Meals Explained!

All Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal (often referred to as UFSM).

If you are in receipt of certain benefits you may be entitled to Free School Meals (FSM). Confusing hey! The difference is that if you are entitled to FSM there are other means of support that you can tap into. Once you are in receipt of benefits related Free School Meals your child’s school will receive additional funding (Pupil Premium) to help and support you through your child’s education. The school will also receive extra support to deliver a fully inclusive and accessible education for all of our pupils.

You can apply for Free School Meals at any time while your child is at St. Ambrose.

For example:

If you apply and are entitled to Free School Meals in Reception class the funding is there to support you for your child’s entire time at St. Ambrose. If you become eligible in year 5 then the Pupil Premium funding goes with you to secondary school.

How can Pupil Premium funding help me?

Pupil Premium funding is used at the schools discretion to support children, each situation is assessed individually but examples of the support available are listed below:

  • Help with before and after school childcare
  • Before and after school sports and activities
  • Support with payment for trips if receiving FSM
  • Additional tuition
  • Help with school uniform
  • Holiday clubs
  • Music lessons subsidy
  • Counselling support and play therapy

Is my child eligible?

Pupils in receipt of, or whose parents are in receipt of, one or more of the following benefits:

If you are eligible for benefits-related free school meals in accordance with the above criteria, and your child is also receiving Universal Infant Free School Meals, please still apply. This will enable your child’s school to claim valuable ‘pupil premium’ funding.

If either parent works within the armed forces or if a child is looked after from care they may also be eligible for benefits. Documentation will need to be provided in these instances.

Mental Health:

Build your resilience

Children’s mental health support

General mental health support and guidance

Mental health and parenting


Family financial planning

Financial help if you have children

Caring for parents

Supporting children with additional needs

ADHD foundation

Fine motor skills support

Social media and gaming:

Safe social media

Work for Us

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