Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The staff, governors, children and parents of St Ambrose Catholic Primary School have developed and agreed the following mission statement unique to our school:


‘With Jesus, we plant the seeds of tomorrow.’

To do this we will:

  • Show respect by being friendly to everyone, looking after everything that God has created and treating everyone as we would like to be treated ourselves. (Christ-centred)
  • Provide a high-quality education which enables everyone to reach their full potential within a caring and supportive environment. (Education)
  • Celebrate the school’s place in the community and the wider world. (Community) 



  • Provide quality collective worship and enriching liturgical celebrations.
  • Enable our children to acquire an excellent religious education through a well taught and resourced Come and See programme.
  • Encourage all to develop their understanding of and relationship with God while at the same time respecting that others choose to express their faith in different ways.
  • Be positive role models who treat each other with respect and are willing to forgive and be forgiven.


  • As teachers, we need to be both inspirational and creative so that every child’s achievements are recognised and celebrated and that they are encouraged to become independent learners.
  • To provide a safe and happy learning environment so that every child feels valued and secure within our school family.
  • To encourage regular communication with parents by creating a positive and caring support network for the extended school family.


  • To join with the parish and the local community to celebrate special occasions throughout the year.
  • To enhance the curriculum by uniting as one all of the generations in the community and fostering mutual respect.
  • To provide opportunities for the children to visit places of interest and experience a range of different cultural events in order for them to gain a better appreciation of the world around them and to ‘fire’ their own aspirations.
  • To participate in charitable activities and be able to empathise with the needs of others.
School Council

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Work for Us